James Cook

Plane Tickets

Our travel agency provides reservation and consultation services in the area of air transport including issuance of plane tickets and their delivery to clients“ addresses or the possibility to pick up the tickets at the airport. We follow air carriers“ price offers and keep our clients informed about them. Our air connection quotes are processed in more options and at different price levels. We also keep records of our clients“ special wishes such as preferred seats, meal selection, records and checks of Frequent Flyer Program memberships. These preferred requirements are automatically included in ticket reservations.

Within travel consultancy, we monitor travel routines of your company (preferred air lines, travel classes, most frequent destinations, favorite hotels or car rentals, etc.) and, doing so, gather a sufficient amount of information to help you create your company travel policy. We analyze the information and recommend ways of achieving travel cost savings.

Our travel agency cooperates with all major air lines without any respect to their place of operation. Our travel agency provides plane tickets for destinations all over the world under the most favorable price conditions, i.e.:

  • Business trip tickets
  • Private trip tickets
  • Individual tickets
  • Group tickets
  • Youth and student tickets
  • Unattended children tickets
  • Senior traveler tickets
  • Tickets for some charter flights
  • Low cost tickets
  • Domestic flight tickets all over the world
  • Frequent Flyer Programs
  • Pet transport

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