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Travel insurance

Travel insurance represents an integral part of foreign travel. The basis of travel insurance is coverage of medical expenses in case of illness or accident you might incur abroad. Within the insurance coverage, your insurer settles the cost of out-patient or in-patient department medical check, medical treatment, medication, necessary transport, etc. Medical expense insurance usually includes repatriation or transport of remains in case of the insured’s death. Some insurers also offer settling the costs of contacting a close person or relative and his/her stay.

Banks also offer travel insurance with selected types of payment cards, either complimentarily or for a low fee. However, travel insurance associated with payment cards does usually not represent the best standard – its limits are low and coverage exceptions are frequent. The said does not apply only to golden cards, Diners Club or American Express cards which have a very good insurance protection connected to them.

Our travel agency offers a wide range of comprehensive travel insurance products for the whole world. We cooperate with several insurance companies and, thus, can recommend you such an insurance product that will be the best match for your specific foreign journey. Keep in mind that cheap travel insurance means low performance under the insurance contract.

It is usually possible to purchase several kinds of additional insurance products to complement the travel insurance:

Accident insurance

  • Includes performance in case of injury causing permanent handicap, death as a result of an injury, and damages.

Liability insurance

  • Covers possible damage you might cause abroad,
  • both damage to health and damage to property.

Insurance against loss and delay of luggage

  • This product concerns especially air travel where delay, damage to or even loss of luggage occur quite frequently. If your luggage gets delayed, the insurer will reimburse the purchase of necessary things; if your luggage gets damaged or loss, it will pay aliquot part of loss.

Insurance against tour cancellation

  • Includes reimbursement of cancellation fees to the travel agency if you cannot take part in the tour for serious reasons.

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