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Incentive tours

Incentive tourism represents one of the most effective ways of rewarding and motivating your employees, business partners and clients. Financial incentives quickly become commonplace. Unlike them, incentive tourism offers endless opportunities and – if arranged in a professional way – is original and unforgettable.

In the Czech Republic, this type of tourism started to develop in the 1990s, especially under the influence of multinational companies that started their operations on Czech market. They started to motivate their Czech employees and other persons involved in their business processes by foreign journeys.

Incentive tourism events are usually organized for rewarded employees and their family members.

Unlike with traditional tours, for persons taking part in incentive journeys, psychological aspects are important, e.g.:

  • Public reward of a job achievement or continuous job performance
  • Family and social prestige
  • Getting acquainted with new destinations
  • Participating in programs that are unavailable through regular tourism

The following aspects differentiate incentive tourism from standard events:

  • Closed group of participants known in advance
  • Hierarchical structures within the group of participants
  • Tailored preparation of the program for each customer
  • High quality and comprehensiveness of services
  • Unusual and extra elements of the program

The above stated specifics of incentive tourism lay down high requirements on the high professional level of designers and suppliers of services – hotels, carriers, local operators and other supplying companies.

Our travel agency guarantees high quality services for reasonable prices. Detailed design of such events is time-consuming. Therefore, ordering the event organization from our travel agency will save your company a lot of time your employees will be able to spend working on your core lines of business.

We specialize in organizing incentive tours. Within incentive tourism, we only cooperate with proven partners. A suitable program can be found for every company type. The program should be original and unrepeatable so the employees have a real feeling of being rewarded and exclusive.

We work on each individual order with a special care – which is – by the way – true for all activities carried out by our travel agency. The whole event will be tailored exactly depending on your requests.

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